Podcasts that I love

For those of you out there who love animation, you probably have already stumbled across these podcasts, which I have found invaluable, not only in getting insight and inspiration, but in feeling connected to the greater animation world. South Africa’s pretty remote, and until the internet, we had been pretty isolated from the rest of the marvelous animation community.

The Animation Podcast by Clay Katis (who recently took the role of animation supervisor along with Glen Keane and John Kahrs on Tangled), has really fantastic interviews, mostly with Disney vets. As an animator, Clay asks great questions in his interviews, covering the histories, the acting techniques and philosophies of his subjects. He’s also an extremely generous person, and once replied to a bit of fanmail I sent to him:

“Hi Dan, thanks so much for writing. Hearing from people like you who are a little more removed than the average person in terms ofanimation is always a boost for me. You’re one of the reasons I do this, so that everyone can know the same info, no matter where they live. We never know where our next great animation talent will come from. South Africa maybe? Hmmmmm?
Keep it up as long as you love it!

Go and check it out!

Spline Doctors is a combination of podcasts, competitions, articles and insights from a team of passionate educators at Pixar, lead by Andrew Gordon.

Toon In to Animation is a collection of interviews with animators, animation film makers and other people in the industry that aren’t strictly doing features. These are really great, especially to remind yourself that animation extends beyond the big studios…

And lastly, Elvis Mitchell’s The Treatment has a couple of great interviews with animation film makers and a whole host of fantastic interviews with live-action film makers. Check it out, it’s grand!